COVID-19 Antibody Testing

We are now offering COVID-19 antibody testing!!! We are excited to offer COVID-19 antibody testing! This is available to anyone in the state of Oregon!

Please see important information below:

Testing (diagnostic and antibody) for the general population is an important component in managing the spread of the virus and because of this we are pleased to offer antibody testing. This test is an important tool which will help detect previous COVID-19 infection and potentially identify the people who are at risk.

The complexity of the virus makes antibody testing very important, especially for those who may have had the virus and been asymptomatic. Our antibody testing process is both easy and safe. This test is completed through the collection of a blood sample.

How it Works:

Schedule a quick telehealth appointment to have your history of COVID exposure/symptoms screened (YES! We offer same-day appointments for this!), come into the clinic or the lab for a blood draw and we will provide you with results in a couple of days! We can bill your insurance for the visit. Uninsured pricing available. Please call or text us today to arrange! 971-301-4411