Trans Care/Gender-Affirming Care

Trans Care/Gender-Affirming Care

Well Life Medicine provides gender-affirming medical care for transgender and nonbinary people to treat gender dysphoria, support medical transitions, and maintain general and sexual health. Services are available for people of all ages.

Transgender Healthcare Services from Well Life Medicine

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  • Trans-friendly primary care services
  • Sexual health checks for transgender people
  • Healthcare for gender-diverse young people
  • Gender-affirming hormone therapy for developing secondary sex characteristics
  • Medical transition support for trans men, trans women, and nonbinary people

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“Such a good experience! Very attentive, and it felt personal, not like I was just another patient.”

Salem Clinic

1174 Cornucopia St. NW
Suite 240
Salem, OR 97304
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Hillsboro Clinic

256 SE 2nd Avenue
Hillsboro, OR 97123
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